• Graphic artwork for Cosmobrown’s Tragic Holiday EP,  this piece of french electronic power pop will be out  may 26.

    2nd picture originally shot by Camille Vidal Naquet.

    The third picture is a still from the Tragic Holiday video clip I’m also directing : out may 29 , stay tuned !

  • Next exhibition -> North Naples' Sweet Art Gallery hosts 'Continuum' February 7

    "Hereafter series", © Edouard Mortec 2013
    "Hereafter series", © Edouard Mortec 2013
    "Hereafter series", © Edouard Mortec 2013
    "Hereafter series", © Edouard Mortec 2013
    "The Scapegoat", © Edouard Mortec 2011

“Door”, photogram © Edouard Mortec

As seen at the “Incognito” exhibition at Naples Museum of Art, FLorida, USA.
    Next Exhibition -> INCOGNITO, January 31st 2013
Naples Museum of Arts : 5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard - Naples Florida USA
    Ghosts Series © Edouard Mortec